Artist Statement 

Image has the ability to control. It is the power of the Image that intrigues me and attracts me to its spectacle. At Guilford College, I was immediately inspired by the core values that they expect all students to abide by. Stemming from the Quaker testimonies, community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice and stewardship are what I strive to integrate within my photography and art. There is a beauty in acceptance and diversity that is strong in the visual. My interests in humanity and spirituality have driven my creativity toward a look into our minds.  We have the ability to put ourselves in place of the other, which in turn gives an image the power to drive our emotions and influence our perceptions of reality. The human mind's ability to connect with a photograph is undeniable. It is a surreal moment in time when we find ourselves stuck in a spectacle unable to look away. Images subconsciously stimulate the mind leaving desires vulnerable to the influences of the image creator.  My deepest goal for my art is to produce work that has relevance, meaning, and beauty‚Ķ that it touches, informs, and inspires others.